Save the Parental Relationship During Divorce & Custody

Send your clients through our “Child First Academy” online course and they get a certificate of completion to bring into court. Packed with how to reduce conflict, create stability, communicate better and rebuild bonds broken during high-conflict cases. Show that your client is doing the work to be a better parent.


Helping You and Your Client's Win


Child First Academy

Your clients need every advantage to show they are a parent who will put the chid first. This course provides strategies from the child's perspective on how to reduce conflict, create stability, communicate better and rebuild bonds broken during high-conflict cases. Parents get a Certificate of Completion and real-life strategies to save the relationship with the child.

  • Understanding the Child's Perspective
  • Showing Love Without Putting the Child in the Middle
  • Communicating Through Conflict
  • Overcoming Anger & Rejection
  • Abundance: Never Making a Child Choose
  • 5 Module Online Course + 3 Bonuses
  • Certificate of Completion to Bring to Court
  • Hours of Video Training
  • Downloadable Worksheets/Templates
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access
  • Watch on Any Device
* Learn directly from a child of high-conflict divorce and parental alienation on what works and what doesn't.


Case Consultation & Private Advisement

Have a complex case where you suspect parental alienation? Need additional tools to identify if parental alienation is at play? Need guidance on how to proceed if your client is being rejected? This 1:1 private consulting provides advice to you and your clients on how to make progress in saving or rebuilding the relationship while the legal case proceeds.

Available For:
  • Phone/Virtual Consultation
  • Case Review
  • In-Person Assistance


What's Happening Behind-the-Scenes

Often children are puppets on a string of a controlling parent and goes undetected if you don't know the signs to look for. In parental alienation, a child is repeatedly told a story that one parent is good and the other is bad. Every situation then re-enforces this story. If the "bad" parent steps back to give space the child is told "they don't care and are abandoning them." If they show up and engage as a parent, the child is told they are "controlling, overstepping, and causing drama and anxiety." This creates loyalty to the alienating parent, guilt and shame within the child for wanting to have both parents in their life, and fear because the child knows that it's not acceptable to love the "bad parent" - and there are consequences if they do. This causes them to be compliant and reject the "bad parent." Within the child, this creates behavioral issues because they can't express love and desire for both parents, their school work to suffer, and creates isolation from other family and friends, increasing their dependency on the "good parent."
What Everyone Sees

To the outside world -The "bad parent" is to blame for this stress, the child insists they "Don't want to see the bad parent" (to avoid more chaos,) and the alienating parent insists that the "child's wishes be taken seriously." Just like that contact is limited, third parties have validated the "good/bad" parent roles, and the child feels they have no option to say what they really want. And, the longer this goes on, the harder it is. For parents, there are solutions available to re-build the relationship, remind the child of the love that exists, change their thought patterns, and ultimately reverse their behaviors. This is the mission.



Ryan is an international coach, speaker, and communication expert and has worked with parents and professionals in over 25 countries. Throughout his career he and his work has been featured in US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, MSNBC, FOX & More. He’s the author of Sabotaged, 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation, Founder of the Reconnect Academy, Executive Producer & Host of Ryan Thomas TV - an online TV network, and Producer of the film Rejected to Accepted.

Ryan works with a variety of high-profile individuals, celebrities and parents dealing with high-stakes custody battles, divorce aftermath, and long-term rejection. He has over 2 decades of experience in conflict-resolution, saving parent-child relationships, parental alienation and family transformation, relationship change management, leadership, and more. Throughout his career, he has worked with influential leaders and established brands including, First Lady Michelle Obama, The White House, actor Martin Sheen, Lockheed Martin, Best Buy Mobile, American Heart Association, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.